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Why I loved Milan Fashion Week

I am a fan of Italian fashion. It must be the Mediterranean air, the glamorous restaurants and nightclubs and the amazing icons of the Italian cinema that inspire designers here to make really seductive apparel.

1. Dolce and Gabbana best represent the true Italian diva and the spirit of Sicily. The fashion duo got it right again with their red-infused Spring Summer 2015 collection at Milan Fashion Week. The sleek hair, the red lips, the flowers, the jewelries, the embellishments. It all seemed a follow up of the story told in the previous seasons. The golden heeled shoes made headlines.

2. The beauty and styling at Dolce and Gabbana. The red lips, the parted hair, the brows and the natural skin tones. There is no mistaking Pat McGrath and her beautiful make-up. She knows just how much to put on in order to have a great result. It all seemed like the girls decided to quickly go from a natural day look to a more glommed image just by adding some colour on the lip. It worked.

3. Since we are talking about beauty and make up, I loved the eyes of the Prada girls. The accentuated corners and the brows created a natural, yet spectacular look completed with the strings of hair which contoured the face. I almost felt like the models were caught in the rain, but didn't let that ruin their look and their perfect day.

4. The Gucci beauty line. It was about time, right? The Gucci make-up collection is just to my taste. Classic shades and products which hardly go out of fashion which makes these products a well placed investment. Red and dark lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara, a bronzer and some classic eye shadow in dark purple and greys for that sultry smoke eye. Already on my wishlist.

5. The one and only street style. There is no place like Milan when it comes to funky, fun fashion and basic elegance. The masculine shirts, the sunglasses, the accessories, the ladies with fine hair in natural shades, the tussle and the hustle of the streets. Since I am a fan of Tommy Ton, I prefer his snapshots from the Italian capital of fashion. They seem to capture just the right atmosphere and create the perfect setting for the glamorous events that take place during Fashion Week.

6. The elegant simplicity of Bottega Veneta. It is true. The glamorous work out gear is still a trend and it is fashionable to buy your sweats from luxury brands. Bottega Veneta showed a collection which got me thinking about ballet classes and comfortable, cosy evenings at home in those sexy pastel combos. i did not particularly enjoy the denim dresses, but I loved the black ensemble worn by Kendall.

7. There is no fashion with passion and no passion without a good heart. The amfAR gala reunited all those who matter in the fashion world and in Hollywood to help fight against HIV and AIDS. Sharon Stone, Dean and Dan Caten from Dsquared2, Roberto Cavalli, Heidi Klum are just some of the ones who came to support the cause and looked glamorous while doing it.

8. And last but not least… Barbie. I could not go over Milan Fashion Week without going over the pink orgy of Jeremy Scott for Moschino. The blonde wigs, the huge plastic jewellery, the accessories. Though I did not particularly love the clothes, I fell in love with the purses, the sweat suits and the fun, creative spirit of Scott who knows how to put real issues of the contemporary world in his work and make us thing deeply about some issues. Or maybe he has no such intentions and he just wants to enjoy fashion and I am the incurable deep thinker.

Source : http://www.articlesbase.com/fashion-articles/8-reasons-why-i-loved-milan-fashion-week-7096748.html

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